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Below, here they are again, the FREE "Basics".  This page provides you access to all the FREE stories, the others all have a price, so those stories will be PRODUCTS.  On the PRODUCT page, if you click on their icons,

it will expand the description of that product and allow you to add it to your shopping cart - and from there to the "check-out".  Where the download will begin (payment first of course).

BUT HERE THE FREE ONES, you can click on the ATT Icon labeled "BASICS" and doing that will download a ZIP file with all the FREE STORIES in BASICS and others.

OR scroll down to the PDF Files and download the individual stories that are found in the BASICS ZIP Folder.

Welcome to Sea Stories



Submarine Dolphins



Fitting In

50,000 Leagues under the Sea

The Final Major Difference


BASICS is a collection of 8 stories that covers the essentials of starting to understand submarine life.  Things like breathing and sleep are explained.  One of the stories is a short one-pager that includes a picture, the longest is a seven-pager and it is about sleeping, where on a boat you will spend 1/3rd of your time (sometimes more sometimes less).  If this were a "product" page, the tools used to purchase the story or stories would be provided in addition to the small picture and description shown below.  But again these are free - so pick the one you want to read, depending on the time you have available at the moment.  ENJOY.



Welcome to See Stories - This is the introduction to the book, breaking it down into the two different types of submarines that I rode.  

Breathing - From the day you were born and took your first breath you may not pay much attention to the act or ability to breath.  But think about it.  On a submarine you are in a vessel that can be submerged for very long times.  Air gets used - This story explains all that.

Eating - Next to breathing, Eating is perhaps the next big thing in one's life.  It is different on a submarine, from what you might be familiar with.  And it touches on a number of things.

Sleeping - In this section of the book I talk about sleeping.  Believe me it earns all seven pages of it's length, but granted there are pictures.

Fitting IN - Getting along with the officers and men on a submarine is perhaps the most important thing about riding in an enclosed environment for months at a time.  As "riders" it was very difficult, as when we came on board, we ate their food, breathed their air, and it meant that they weren't gonna see their family and friends for a very long time.  We represented BAD NEWS.

Depth - Since I mentioned "Depth" in the context of the "50,000 Leagues" story, I have put this one on the different "depths" where I spent my time here.  Sorry I can't give it to you in actual #'s - that's classified.  But the Wiki-links on the Home page for each boat will give you an idea - if you want #'s.

Dolphins - The metal Medal, that submarine sailors wear is EARNED.  Because of the timing of things, I never spent enough time on one boat to become "Qualified".  BUT on one boat the crew insisted that I be awarded "A" Medal, because I made them money.  This story tells you about that Medal that they awarded me.  If you want to know about the "money" - sorry that's another story in another section; which ain't free.  "Vietnam Service Ribbon" > "Stand  Alone".

50,000 Leagues under the Sea - This is very much an overview of the distance I traveled around the world's oceans.  The 50,000 Leagues is NOT how deep I went - it's how far I traveled, and it is a very conservative # at that.  Mission or "on-station" time is NOT shown.

The Final Major Difference - At the request of several friends, I have included this story, as they all asked for the biggest and final "bottom line" difference between the life accommodations we all know and life on a submarine.  They (my friends) were very specific - so this is that SeeStory.  PS the story "A Museum Piece" has been moved to the "Stand Alone" page and is now no longer free.

You are about to exceed "TEST DEPTH"!!!
Next command should be "SURFACE, SURFACE, SURFACE".

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