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This page is the perspective page.  Which I believe is a first for an eBook website.  This page of the eBook, provides you with some YouTube video animations of where I was in the world when and where some of the "SeeStories" took place (approximately).  This allows you to get some additional (close) perspectives for those stories. 

The YouTube description of each video will contain links that will take you directly to each story along the route shown in the video, or other things in "context".  And sure you can watch the miniature videos shown below by themselves, but I highly recommend using the Movie Title Link, or clicking the revealed YouTube Icon once the miniatures start to watch them IN YouTube - - - because:

When viewing these videos in YouTube be sure to reveal the entire YouTube description (by clicking on "... more") below each video.  Every story that may be enhanced by these perspectives will be referenced in the description with a link to the time that they appear and that will take you to each story that does so.  And this is the major part of the construction because as I add stories - if they have roots in videos.  They will be shown below.

Also keep in mind that the routes shown are not ACTUALS.  They are 50 year old recollections of Point A to Point B, such that the classified nature of each mission remains classified.  The routes shown do NOT show purpose or any real precision of actual events, other than personal story locations or port calls.  Further to this the routes shown DO NOT accurately document my 50,000 leagues under the sea.

My Solid Ground is also found on the Home Page.  It combines three of my 10 runs, one on the USS Tang and then my two runs on Pintado.  AND there is one link that departs SeeStories altogether.  A dream made back then that didn't reach Fruition until this past year.  And is something that you can experience yourself.

Diesel Boats presents the perspectives for the USS Trout and the USS Gudgeon the other two diesel boat runs I made in the western Pacific.

Longest provides the perspective for my longest run which will still remain nameless.  And as an FYI, I did ride three Nuc boats in the Pacific, with the USS Pintado mentioned in "My Solid Ground".  So there are only two to choose from USS Puffer or USS Pogy.

The Med covers all three boats that I rode in the Mediterranean.

Road to Perdition connected to The Lifetime Burden is a good matchup for providing a perspective of/for a "story" and vice versa.  Perdition is defined as 


  1. a state of final spiritual ruin; loss of the soul; damnation.

  2. the future state of the wicked.

However, the Road to Perdition was also a movie that Thomas Newman did the sound track for.  One of my SeeStories fits the music theme.

First Half of the "Day" is indeed part one of what will be at least two separate videos.  This one provides an overview of where you spend most of your time on what was the 637 Class Submarine, IF you were a "forward puke" (which I was).  And then after the overview of the Forward Spaces, a "road map" of getting up, getting something to eat and going "On Watch".  And as an OBTW, the map shows the route from the 18 Man bunkroom my personal favorite.  But know that I also slept in the Torpedo Room, the 6-Man, 22-Man and Forward Berthing.  On other boats I rode, Puffer, Pogy, Pintado, Bergall, Bluefish, and L.Mendal Rivers.

More videos are going to be added, but for now it would be better to go back to the surface.

Next command should be "SURFACE, SURFACE, SURFACE".

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