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       If you can't find the "story" you would be interested in, let me know.  The chances are that I do have a story; yet unwritten that will describe what you would like to know about.  I'm at TEST DEPTH get in touch with me!

     Once it is written it will show up below, for those that wish to purchase it.  YOU of course will get a copy FREE.  (Everybody else has to pay.  And no there will be nothing in it for you other than the free story.)

WAKE, is the first requested story.  Requested by a friend of mine in a FaceBook post who asked "Yeah, but does a sub leave a wake, man??!!"  So you can see it prompted a SeeStory.  Click the icon on the left here to read the free one.  The full story will be up for sale shortly, which my friend will get for free.

I very much appreciate the friend that asked the question.  We have re-established contact of late, after being out of contact most of our lives.  We have both covered a lot of territory in our lives that started as best friends who lived across the street from each other.  So yeah, Mike; we all leave a wake behind us.



DIESEL POWER is not a requested story.  And it's free because it's connected to CALYPSO (if you take this link scroll down to DRY SUMP OIL SYSTEM.)The lesson learned over 50 years ago, the story behind the story, connects my love of Calypso and this story from my diesel boat days here on SeeStories.  My lesson learned from the experience back then led to my strong desire for the Dry Sump Oil system that became possible in the 2014 LT1 engine that Calypso has.  This story is free because it is an example of how long it takes sometimes for things learned to have a payoff.  In this case forced oil, regardless of gravity.

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